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Fundraising and supporting the developments of St. Joseph’s Hospital
services, expansion of facilities and purchasing new equipment.

What we support:


Upgrading existing equipment and purchasing new equipment to adapt to the growing needs of our patients.


Helping to bring in new doctors to our community and ensuring their long-term success in their practices.


As our hospital nears 30 years old, we continue to upgrade rooms, and better the facility to carry it through the future. 

We Need Your Support

While the province provides funding for operations at the St. Joseph’s Hospital, other than on rare occasions, there is very little funding for capital purchases, physician recruitment and building maintenance. This makes these tasks very difficult. As technology changes, new equipment is mandatory to keep up with the changing world of medicine. While it is the foundation’s mandate to fund the above mentioned, the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation is funded 100% by public donations. The impact your donation has on healthcare is immeasurable, and leads us down the road to a successful future.

Find out how you can help!